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MMP optioned Eitan Gorlin and Alan Feuer's TV show, "The Octopus," to Al Haymon. Mike Figgis to direct.

Rose McGowan attached to play Debra in Jonathan Mossek's new thriller, "When We're Alone." Holydanworks is coming in to partner with MMP to make this heart stopping thriller, the follow up to "As Good as Dead." Eve Pomerance also cast Sully Erna, lead singer of Godsmack and one of the stars of "On The Street," the new show from "Sons of Anarchy" creator, to play a role in "When We're Alone."

• MMP Casting recently cast "Lady M" for producer Chris Bongirne. Show to air in the autumn of 2015.

• Eve cast Roger Rees to play William Bradford in Ric Burn's epic TV series, "Pilgrims." To air in 2016

• Eve also recently cast Saffron Burrows to star in "The Pain of Mrs. Winterton."

Leopold Hoesch of Broadview TV, is coming in to partner on Frank Hudec's Art heist movie, "The Sleeping Shepherd."

Ion Cinema - Most Anticipated Films for 2015: An Overview
By Nicholas Bell — "The Sleeping Shepherd" is #18!


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