Major Motion Pictures, LLC, (MMP) was formed in 2008 by indie filmmakers, Eve Pomerance and Jonathan Mossek. Through trial and error, ransacking grandma's penny jar, frequenting various war zones, meetings with loan sharks and shady types down the race track, these indie film makers finally convinced their landlord that movies were a better investment than real estate and produced their first dramatic feature film for the big screen, "As Good as Dead."

MMP is dedicated to help film indie filmmakers navigate through the treacherous waters of film financing, casting and distribution.

Through utilizing a network of: financial sources, close relationships with both talent and the talent agencies, as well as distribution companies and the theatre companies themselves, our goal is to maximize the project's full potential to both reach the big screen and recoup it's investment.

MMP has a mission to bring fresh voices and talent to the screen. Our commitment as Feature Producers with writing and directing backgrounds is always to fight for and maintain the integrity of the vision we are helping to bring to the big screen.

MMP seeks original material and assist with casting, script development, sales, production, PR, Social Media, Theatrical, DVD and Online distribution.